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Lika - Karlovac

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Lika - Karlovac
Lika - Karlovac

Welcome to the landscape of dreams. Before you, beautiful green expanses are laid out, only around 10 km above the sea, in the hinterlands known for their exceptional ecological value and high concentration of protected nature parks, representing true oases of peace and tranquility; a Croatian tourist region attracting an ever increasing number of visitors.

Have you ever seen with your own eyes the sparkling clear springs grow into magnificent rivers? Have you ever truly perceived the power and the allure of the mysterious mountains? And finally, have you ever thought that their clarity and their power could become yours?

If you visit the Lika-Karlovac tourist region, the continental part of Croatia which is the link between Dalmatian littoral and the central section of the country, you shall be all that closer to the answer. For, that clarity and power are perhaps best conveyed by the wondrousness of the Plitvice Lakes National Park, the phenomenon which attracts with its uniqueness, but also with the effect it bears on both our mental and physical wellbeing. The National Park of Northern Velebit is an area of distinctive diversity of karstic forms, the wealth of all kinds of a living world and of breathtaking natural beauty in a relatively small area.


Asides from being proud of being the birthplace of one of the world’s greatest minds, Nikola Tesla, whose museum is found in his birth village of Smiljan, Lika also has a beautiful Marian seminary in Krasno. Somewhat south, and only a step away from the sea, there is the Senj fortress of Nehaj built in the 16th century. There is also a unique museum dedicated to pirates the so-called Senj “Uskoks”. The county of Karlovac is an area full of many self-abnegating cultural monuments from charming old towns and castles such as Dubovac, Ozalj, and Bosiljevo to Franciscan, Pauline and Dominican monasteries. Growing up on the banks of four rivers and developed from medieval fortresses once intended for the defence against Ottoman hordes in central Europe, the renaissance centre of the town of Karlovac is particularly interesting and takes the form of a star.


The most famous gastro item of this region is the Lika potato, which has a Protected Geographical Indication (PDI). If you want to try a proper Lika menu start with an aperitif of plum or pear schnapps or perhaps a berry liqueur, then have some škripavac cheese and slices of dried game and then go for the main dish – traditional Lika baked potatoes with lamb cooked under the embers in an iron bell. There is also the highly valued Velebit honey, and for pudding you should simply eat some of the tasty fruits of the forest of blueberries and raspberries.


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